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Ethospace System by Herman Miller

Ethospace is the most adaptable of Herman Miller's architectural furniture systems. Ethospace’s flexibility and extensive product line help you define and redefine spaces to support work of all types, providing your workforce with exactly what they need to maximize their productivity. A technological workhorse.

Ethospace workstations with Meridian filing

Frame Heights:
30", 38'', 46'', 54'', 62'', 70'', 86''

Frame Widths:
18'', 24'', 30'', 36'', 42'', 48''

3½'' wide steel frame and removable tile construction

Fabric tiles are easily replaced and
reupholstered. Monolithic tiles are available in fabric or wood.

Stackable frames available

Off-module capability

Every 16'' tile space can house two power harnesses with eight total circuits and all wiring is lay-in. No fishing through small frame openings.

Easily accessible to power, voice and data cables including work surface receptacles

Unsurpassed capacity for power and data

Ability to create private offices as well as open plan configurations.

12-year, 3-shift parts and labor warranty

Ethospace combined with M-Wall  
Ethospace reception station with monolithic Geiger wood panels  
Ethospace spline wall with upmounted storage units  
Ethospace in a 120 degree configuration